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On this episode we talk all about FAT. For a long time fat has been wrongly vilified in relation to health. Early research drove a narrative which has been hard to change, but now we are starting to see more evidence come out that fat is not as bad as we thought – in fact it’s fundamental to health. Plus, from an ancestral perspective, it doesn’t make sense that a food we’ve consumed for hundreds of thousands of years is suddenly causing an increase in heart disease.

You’ll learn all about fat on this episode including what fat and cholesterol are, the history of how fat was vilified, why we need fat and its relation to health like fat soluble vitamins.

Of course we’re big fans of tallow, a natural fat sourced from beef, which we offer through our company Vital Origin. If you’ve never tried cooking with tallow, you’re going to want to after this episode! Grab yourself a jar of tallow with our discount code below.



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